HTM 01 05 – Dental Practice Design

Designing a dental practice with proper health and cleanliness standards is very much necessary to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare workers in dental clinic. HTM 01 05 is one such standard introduced in 2009 by the Department of Health in UK to ensure proper decontamination procedures in dentist practices. HTM 01/05 or Health Technical Memorandum 01 05 is a document containing series of health regulations to be used as guidance in relation to the dental clinic decontamination in primary dental clinics.

HTM 01-05 not only provides comprehensive guidance on the whole of the instrument decontamination cycle, but also provides information on the kind of environment required to carry out this exercise safely. It is designed for use by the dentist, the clinical staff, the servicing engineer and the dental surgery builder while building dental clinic. It aims to provide dental workers knowledge of dental hygiene by cleaning, sterilization and disinfection.

According to bda a dentist best practice is the one with higher standards in infection control. The best dental practice continuously makes efforts for improvements in premises and equipment, changes in dental practice management for safest and best treatment of patients in clean, healthy and non-infectious environment. For a dentistry to satisfy the HTM 01 05 standards has to fulfill certain requirements. First of all there should be clear distinction between clean and dirty workflows in the clinic. The environment of dentist decontamination instruments should be clearly separated from the main clinical treatment area. There should be separate rooms for storage of ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ instruments. A modern validated washer-disinfector of adequate capacity must be installed in the dirty instrument zone of the clinic in order to remove the need for manual washing of dentist instruments. Separate instrument storage should be built away from the surgery to reduce exposure to air and possible pathogenic contamination. Systems should ensure instruments are easily identified for selection and are used on a first-in, first-out principle within the recommended time frames. All these requirements when satisfied dentist surgery is said to designed according to HTM standards to possess best hygiene and health facilities.

In order to get clinic designed according HTM standards one should take help of dentist practice builders who have good knowledge of these standards. The designers who can design dental clinic according to your requirements and also takes care of the HTM factors at the same time are the best people to be approached for construction of HTM dentistry.


Dental Clinic Design – Factors for Efficient Dental Design

In the increasingly complex and stressful field of dentistry, effectively designed dental offices can offer significant benefits. A good dental office design can greatly enhance the productivity and profitability of one’s dental practice or else can be very expensive and difficult to maintain and actually can undermine the practice. A comfortable clinic results to a comfortable feeling towards the dentist. This is the reason why interior design becomes a part to every dental building project.

Good dental interiors have the capacity to relax the patients and to create positive impression of your practice in their minds. They can serve as valuable marketing tools for your practice and also facilitate for a safe and enjoyable work environment. Dental interiors should be designed to fulfill a range of diverse needs; they should be welcoming yet function clinically. They must radiate professionalism but should not appear flamboyant. They must be capable of serving the purposes of various people including doctors, patients and staff members in efficient way for most convenient, best and faster dental operations.

The most important factors to be considered for a dental clinic design are color, finishes, lighting, furnishings, art and accessories. All these factors will determine the environment of your dental clinic. Attention to the minute details of these factors in your dental surgery can communicate the quality of your practice. Therefore to create a pleasing dental surgery environment it is required incorporate a proper color scheme with good balance of shades and tones and elegant style furnishings.

While designing dental clinic one should keep in mind all the equipments and devices used by the dentist. Proper allotment of space for these pieces of equipment is very important to improve the function and efficiency of clinic. The entire space of the clinic should be efficiently utilized to accommodate decorative pieces, dental equipments, seating facilities in proper way while creating convenient room for passage also. Apart from interiors while designing a new practice architects often lay stress on factors of function, accessibility of key areas and aesthetics. Qualified dental architects or dental contractors can help you design efficient dental clinic suiting one’s practice requirements that too within the budget. Dental clinic should always be designed by focus on details such as the dentist’s hand preference, the number of dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants working at the clinic to design the most efficient and convenient dental spaces.

Now-a-days many dental contractors are emerging who can provide efficient services for designing a dental clinic for the most comfortable dental practice. They can help to design either new build or extension or renovation within one’s budget for maximum productivity.

Dental Clinic Construction

The dental problems of people are increasing day-by-day and so is the requirement for constructing dental clinics. This increased requirement has fostered the construction of dental clinics in various locations and areas. Now-a-days dental clinics are being constructed in different styles and sizes.

Dental construction or dental clinic build is entirely a specialized and separate field that involves careful planning and analysis of various aspects like tools or machines used in dental practice, plumbing requirements for dental operation, space required by the tools, space planning necessary for efficient functioning of the dental spaces. While building a dental clinic one should always keep in mind the need to accommodate present and the future technologies. The function, accessibility of key areas and aesthetics of clinic are some major areas of concern which should be taken care of, for the efficient implementation of dental spaces.  Various kinds of dental equipment are often used by dentists to treat patients. The proper location of instruments and proper room configuration are the key factors to be considered by the builders during a new dental build because by allotting proper and sufficient space for pieces of dental equipment the functioning and efficiency of clinic can be greatly improved.

Dental Clinic Builders

Constructing a dental clinic is really a hard task when compared to other ordinary constructions and requires the help of professional dental builders who have an idea of various aspects of dental clinic building. By taking help of professional clinic builders’ individual will not have to worry about various complicated aspects of dental building. The builders will entirely take care of these factors and will provide you with services for efficient clinic design. Dental builders will normally have the knowledge of various devices used by dentists, space required by them and therefore can help set dental plans according to one’s requirements and space available so that the resulting facility is more functional and a pleasant place to work.

They often offer customized services for constructing dental spaces including services for dental extension or dental renovation services for dental build. Dental extension services are meant to append additional spaces to dental clinic to increase room for new facilities or to increase space for the treatment of more number of patients where as dental renovation deals with the modification of the clinic design for improved functioning. So whatever may be the kind of requirement for dental design dental builders will have a perfect solution for all.